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Fortuna - Online
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Fortuna Online is a Browser Based, Free to Play, City builder, PVP Strategy MMO Game set in Europe during its golden age of discovery.

In Fortuna Online, a war torn world full of conflict and political intrigue. Set in Europe during its golden age of discovery while the noble families of the Medici, Fugger, and Tudors vie for influence and control, players will be charged with developing their empire, amassing armies, leading troops into battle and forming alliances in their quest to tip the scales of power in their favor. To the victor go the spoils.

Build your Empire - Develop your humble hamlet into a bustling metropolis. Watch your city grow rich in resources as you develop your city's infrastructure, upgrade structures, and expand the territory of control.

Battle for Dominance - With over 20 types of military units, and a large collection of unique generals, Fortuna.s robust combat system offers a wide array of strategies. Develop your army and lead your troops to battle for fortune and fame.




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