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Call of Roma
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Call of Roma is a Browser Based, Free to Play, PVP (player versus player) Real Time Strategy (RTS), City builder MMO Game, set in the times of the Roman Empire.

Call of Roma is a good, free pvp MMORTS online game that allows players to travel back to the times of the Roman Empire by building castles, organizing troops and fighting enemies. You will be filling in the role of a small consul, expected to apply the resources and troops at hand wisely to write the glorious chapters of your life!

You can also perform numerous quests, after you complete your quests you are rewarded with upgrades your houses, level-ups and other necessary items. These are a number of different and individual units available, so you can can specialize your skills on attack or defense.

Once your infrastructure and city of hall are built, you can go to produce resources and even trade with other players. The raw materials are required for the development of the empire and recruiting for the troops. An important element of the game is that you can conquer other villages and empires. If you successfully take control of other empires, you may enjoy the production boost and get more resources.

Overall, Call of Roma qualifies as a great browser game in terms of gameplay, storyline, background, and strategy a real pleasure for the lovers of strategic pvp games.



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