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Totem - Online
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Totem is a 3D, Browser Based, Free to Play, Real Time Strategy (RTS) MMO Game with, some collectible cards elements.

'' In ancient times, peace was kept in place by the Totem. As the years passed, this peace was replaced with a greed for this power, resulting in a terrible war between man, orcs, and the native tribe Tula’an. Foolish mortals abused this gift from the gods and attempted to use it for evil. As a result, the power of the Totem was revoked and the world plundered into chaos. As violence and war ran rampant throughout the lands, the entire realm despaired. But from the dark abyss of this chaos, a hero emerged. Seeing the light within this hero, the gods granted the mortals one more chance to use the power of the Totem for good, that hero is you. ''

Totem is a unique real time strategy game. Simple to start, yet deeply strategic with a highly complex army troop management system, Totem has something for everyone, you, the hero, can choose between 3 starting races of the realm (Humans, Orc's and the Tula’an).

A true hero can never succeed alone. We all need a little help from our friends, and you have plenty. Your loyal squad of soldiers are at the ready and are patiently awaiting your orders. Use your strategic wits to command your troops to victory! Be sure to take advantage of the Barracks to fuse your soldiers together, customizing each unit to suit your specific needs.



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