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Pandora Saga - Online
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Pandora Saga is a 3D, Free to Play , Role Playing MMO Game.

Pandora Saga is a classic, role-playing game it have 6 (human, elf, myrine, enkidu, lapin, dwarf) races and 4 classes, at least for now. In Pandora Saga your character will earn experience points (EXP) as you engage in combat and complete quests. Through gaining experience, your character gains levels. Each time a character "levels up," it will gain "Ability Points" and "Status Points." These points can be distributed to various attributes of your character.

You can increase your character's abilities in two ways: gaining "Ability Points" by advancing in levels and continued use and practice of your skills, for example, when you engage in combat and utilize your skills (either active or passive) you have a chance to increase and improve your abilities. When an ability reaches a certain point, certain skills can be learned.

There are several ways to engage in combat with other players in the world of Pandora Saga. One-on-one combat can be done in certain maps of the game: the Muldian Uncivilized District, El Behd, and the Astian Underground Ruins. When you encounter players allied to other nations in these areas, their names will appear flashing red as a sign they are ready for an immediate clash. When you defeat other players, you gain Honor Points which allow you to raise your Rank. If you are defeated by another player, however, Honor points will be lost.



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