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World of Warplanes (WOW)
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World of Warplanes is a Free to play, Shooter, flight combat, Action MMO Game dedicated to air combat.

''At it's core, World of Warplanes is a mixture between a simulator and an arcade game. On one hand, the game has a precise and comprehensive flight engine that includes aerodynamics for every plane, and a complex damage system that affects the behaviour of warplanes in various ways. Moreover, all performance characteristics have been taken from historical sources. On the other hand, the major goal is to make the game more interesting and dynamic, which is why produsers of the game tweak the gameplay to achieve the best result, this is what gives the game its unique character.

Currently, World of Warplanes features 80 machines from the USA, Germany, Japan and the USSR. Upon its release, World of Warplanes will feature about 100 warplanes. This number will be constantly growing while adding new planes and nations, until reach up to 100 models per nation. Right now there at around 20 planes per nation. the game features nine maps of various landscapes and sizes that are each set in their own specific environments, ranging from dry deserts, sunny coast lines to arctic snow fields and tree-covered forests.

Right now you can find planes from four nations in World of Warplanes – the USA, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. Each nation’s tech tree (catalogue of available planes) consists of aircraft from Tier I to Tier X. In order to obtain a desired vehicle, players will first need to research and then buy it for experience points and in-game credits. You can follow up the research process for every plane by looking at it in its detailed tech tree view. As you earn experience points from playing the game, you’ll be able to spend these on the research of stronger modules. Every plane (except for Premium planes) comes with a multitude of optional modules that you may install to further increase the performance of your aircraft. Whilst you do not need to install all the modules available, you will be required to research some of them before moving on, as they are prerequisites for the next plane. Once all such necessary modules for your current plane have been researched, and you have sufficient experience points, you can research its successor and later on choose to buy it for credits. These are also awarded for participation in battle.

Every plane will have a crew. Most of the planes will have only one crew member – a pilot. But there are some vehicles that have second pilots and gunners. All crew members will gain experience and learn new skills.

Rather than being researched and then bought through XP and credits gained from battles, Premium planes will only be purchasable by using Gold – an in-game currency which can only be bought for real money.

A premium plane's advantages are: - It does not need to be researched - It earns more credits per battle - It comes with instant ‘Elite’-status which enables it to earn Free Experience faster - It comes with the possibility for ‘Accelerated crew training’ from the first battle on - There is no penalty applied or retraining necessary in case of transfer of crew from an aircraft of the same type ''







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