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Hidden Shadows

Hidden Shadows

Monday, 01 July 2013 12:28 florinel33
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Hidden Shadows is an online Facebook based social game, criminal investigation-themed game, hidden object, adventure game, free to play on Facebook, from Zynga.

" Find hidden objects, see spirits, and solve murders in this supernatural crime mystery.

You are the one good cop in Gracetown, a city filled with corruption. Put your detective skills to the test finding hidden objects, uncovering evidence, and solving murders in this supernatural crime thriller. "

" While visiting your father’s grave, you are shot by an unknown assassin. Floating between life and death, you gain the ability to see the spirits of the dead. You recover, but Police Chief Havers wants to force you out of Gracetown, just as the mysterious Michael Alder asks you to finish the work your father started.

Follow captivating murder mystery storylines while you examine clues and uncover hundreds of items of evidence, secrets, and tools; use your supernatural powers to see spirits and find their killers, and play with friends to advance cases faster. Delve into Hidden Shadows because only you can find the truth. "

" Features:

- Use your supernatural powers to see spirits and solve their murders

- Examine thousands of clues to uncover evidence, tools, and secrets

- Play with friends to advance cases faster

- Captivating, season-based storylines

- Immersive and unsettling hidden object scenes

- Supernatural crime theme, mature content "


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0 #1 Cathryn Jill Adams 2015-05-19 23:40
I am very disappointed that I did not get to continue playing this game. Next to hidden shadows, criminal case and csi are all three tied for first place. I am so beside myself that I cannot download it and finish playing this game. What do I have to do? Or better yet, what are you going to do about it? Put this game on Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes! Please!!!!!!!!!! ! Thank you, Cathryn Jill Adams

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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