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Prime World
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Prime World is a Free to Play , Action strategy MMO Game with MOBA style battles and castle builder elements.

'' Prime World Universe - The core story of the game is a clash between two nations: the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia. These rivals are locked in a continuous battle for control of Prime, a critical resource. Whoever wins more Prime will win the war! Prime is a source of energy, a dangerous alien substance that alters the world and gives its users power over it, and in this world, everyone needs Prime. Whoever controls the Prime controls the world. The struggle for every last scrap of land in Prime World never ends. In battle, the players control their heroes, who comprise the strike force of the battling armies. Capturing neutral and enemy territory inch by inch, setting up ambushes, retreating and entering the fray once more, the players strive to destroy their opponent’s base. But your opponents will make you pay dearly for every victory.

During battle, the Imperium and Keeper armies are located at opposite ends of a vast battlefield. Strategically significant points on the map - roads and crossings - are guarded by watchtowers. In forests and marshes monsters roam. The Fire Dragon is hiding somewhere. Fresh squadrons of archers and prepare themselves in the barracks, then rush into battle, ready to die just to conquer one more scrap of land. Of course, ordinary soldiers won’t get very far without the help of valiant heroes. Imperium and Keeper warriors engage their opponents tirelessly, in the hope of changing the course of the battle. In return for killing enemy soldiers, monsters, towers, and especially enemy heroes, heroes receive priceless Prime, which can be spent on new talents. By taking part in battles, as well as defending and capturing territory, a skilled player can, over the course of one session, upgrade their character by using Prime to activate talents. As a result, the character becomes stronger, faster, and more lethal.

By the way, there’s also room in the game arena for players who aren’t thirsting after bloody battles. The mini-game is both fun and productive: Paint the scroll before time runs out, and receive Prime, as well as a scroll with a powerful spell that will help bring your team victory in battle.

The Prime Word Castle is an important part of the game, allowing a lord to demonstrate the depths of his strategic ability. Besides the pleasure of managing the economy, the castle gives users a great alternative way to develop their characters.

The castle is a paradise for those that enjoy economic-type games. This dynamic opens up an immense number of possibilities as players choose their own path by directing their castle's economy. If you'd like, you can focus on your economy, earn money, and accelerate the recovery of your battle-worn heroes. Or, you can focus on producing talents, allowing your characters to do more in fewer battles. Or, you can combine the two into a hybrid military/economic model. ''




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