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Champions of Regnum
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Champions of Regnum is a Free to Play , Role Playing MMO Game where Realm versus Realm is the main attraction.

'' Champions of Regnum is a uniquely balanced game that allows for both intensely competitive PvP (Player vs Player) as well as deeply engaging PvE (Player vs Environment) gameplay. Each realm in Champions of Regnum is a region of the world that is for the most part inhabited by allied players. Each realm or zone is then further divided by walls, bridges and water that keep different difficulty areas apart.

Character Classes is designed to allow you to decide what you want your character to become. Any race can pick from the three main classes: Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Once your character reaches level ten, he/she will be able to choose one of two disciplines. These disciplines can be either offensive or defensive. You can customize your Player Character by choosing hair type, hair color, facial hair, facial hair color, face type, size, and gender. Then you will be given able to customize your characters attributes by distributing 5 points.

PvP in Regnum is the highly competitive side of the game. Most players -even heavy PvE players- will find themselves having a ton of fun with in PvP. There are a variety of PvP aspects to Regnum that offer a rich gameplay experience.

Hostile creatures in Regnum can be easily identified, the color of its name reflects the creature's level in the game. The colors do not designate an exact level but give you an idea of the level range you can expect. Killing any creature at or above the Yellow level will yield bonus experience. Inexperienced players with poor equipment should target creatures at the "Light Blue" level or below. Experienced players could target "Normal" to "Above Normal" creatures. It will take good equipment and the use of powers to take on creatures with an "Orange" level or higher. These colors will change if you are in a party and the colors will reflect the difficulty for the party. ''





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