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Age of Wulin
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Age of Wulin (AoW) is a Free to Play , martial arts Role-Playing MMO Game set in a realistic representation of medieval China.

'' Age of Wulin is set in a charmingly realistic representation of medieval China, with 27 regions representing all geographical areas of the country, with an amazing 130 km² of open world to explore, and that doesn’t even include instanced areas. You will not find elves, dwarves, strange monsters and other fantasy creatures here. Great care has been taken to create a medieval martial arts world that is so real, you can almost taste it. Yes, the kung-fu skills you can master are amazing and jaw-dropping – you can learn to glide through the air, run up walls, and across water – but no weird monster or magic being will cross your path and disturb the image of a perfectly crafted, realistic online world, just as it existed in China centuries ago. The Age of Wulin RPG experience is an adventure like no other. There are no classes or levels, you hone your skills in various ways and can easily become immersed in the breath-taking living game environment: Over 20,000 NPCs inhabit the detail-rich landscapes, cities and villages, but they don’t just stand around – they live their own lives, have their own personalities and react to your actions in sometimes surprising ways.

Characters in Age of Wulin do not have any defined level or class, there are a wide range of options available to you to develop and cultivate your combat abilities. All combat movements in Age of Wulin are captured from professional martial artists using the latest motion capture technology more often seen in blockbuster movies. There are 25 to 30 small NPC forces in the game which can be challenged. Succeeding in a challenge against them can earn you a lot of experience. In the Wuxia world of Age of Wulin, you will encounter many varieties of martial arts, each with its own, characteristics, and after learning them, continued diligent study will only increase the effectiveness of your abilities. The martial way stresses internal and external cultivation and the integration of form and mind. Age of Wulin combines the traditional notion of Feng Shui with martial arts, to form an environment system that can be operated. In the game world there are six types of ideal environments in a system which is structured around the yin/yang, soft/hard characteristics of martial arts.

Different martial arts cultivated in different environments have different outcomes: some yielding twice the result with half the effort; some half the result with twice the effort. In the cities, noise and distractions are everywhere, the mind cannot settle easily and it is difficult to advance in your training; in the mountains and rivers, the mind and body is relaxed and it is much easier to make progress.

Lightness skill is one of the body-methods in the Jianghu, increasing agility and giving one the ability to “fly on the rooftops and walk up walls”. It is one of the key elements in Age of Wulin. There are many dangers in the Jianghu, if you want to wander amongst the Wulin, training in this body skill is essential. It can be used to attack, for defence, or to protect life. Using lightness skill you can obtain items that ordinary people cannot easily get (such as kites from the eaves of roofs, or treasure from steep cliffs). ''



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