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Omni is a Free to play , Tactical, 3rd Person, Action MMO Game with some of the elements of a 3rd person shooter and MOBA game.

'' Omni is a fast paced third person action game, where players wade through armies of enemies. At any one point in time it is common for the screen to be full of the AI mob fighting each other, bodies flying everywhere. Piercing through the enemy ranks is not only dangerous, but requires physical effort to push through the wall of enemies. Players must aim their shots and special abilities with skill, lest they miss and waste them. Whilst other similar games create a style of play where fighting is sparse and controlled, Omni is a constant relentless battle.

You and your team of allies must defeat the enemy team and their army in a competitive, large scale multiplayer battle. The map is split into two territories, with bases at either end. Each base periodically sends AI controlled armies to the other to try to push their defences. Each player chooses a hero, each with unique abilities and play styles, builds their player up with items and coordinates with their team to help their army overwhelm the enemy’s. One heroic player brings the opposing team’s flag home to secure the win.

Omni is fast paced, customizable, and fun. While primarily an action game, it has its roots in strategy, creating a unique integrated harmony of the two. ''



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