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Kingsbridge is a Facebook based social game, tower defence and offense strategy game, free to play on Facebook, from Wooga.

Kingsbridge is set in a medieval world. The player will take over the old town of Kingsbridge, and then he will build it up and raise an army to defeat the enemies of the Kingdom. You will need to pay attention to other players, because many of they will want to raid your town, and loot you. Of course, you can atack and loot them first.

The players can be friends or enemies. Player vs. player (PVP) mechanics mean players can choose to either pay their friends a friendly visit and aid them in building up their kingdom, or choose to wage war.

You will have a trusted advisor at your side, and you’ll learn how to build a town and an army, and then you’ll be leading them to victory.

The strategy is not so complicated. In the offensive campaigns, players choose unit types and unit numbers, places them on the battlefield, and units will automatically attack enemy camps to destroy buildings. In defensive battles, enemies can coming along one or more roads, and you place defensive towers who will shoot arrows or cannon balls towards enemies.

" Features: Build your own medieval town, complete with castle, towers, walls and decorations; Raise an army of knights, archers, footmen, siege weapons and more to wage war on your enemies; Battle evil villains, take over their lands and enjoy their daily tributes; Attack other players and loot their resources to rise to the top and seize the crown! "



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