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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 00:00 florinel33
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Grimlands falls into the category of MMORPG, which integrates the first-person shooting action together with role-playing elements.

''This is an Action RPG game in post-apocalyptic setting with some cyberpunk elements and realistic computer graphics. The game is being evolved with the aid of  our new 3D engine, it allows to gain an excellent effect - perfect detailed reality of the world with wholeheartedly new attitude to handling character, it’s development, the skill system and equipment. What is more, the vehicles will also be available in the game. These vehicles and other elements will be subjected to the laws of physics. Grimlands features are: - Dynamic game world influenced by the actions of the players, - Flexible skill system, - Intuitive skill system, - Non-linear character’s development, - Unique crafting system, - Quests for single players, groups and area quest that are set in a specific place, - Advanced  artificial intelligence with diverse spectrum of group’s mob behaviour, - Clans, the alliances, etc. - Advanced  PvP features. The storyline of this game unfolds against the setting of a post-apocalypse world that turns out to be the ruins of the Earth, a wasteland after the violent earthquakes two decades ago. The cruelty and harshness of the environment nurture even more brutal inhabitants such as lunatics, mutants as well as gangs of relentless outlaws. The extremity of the world condenses people’s desire to minimum: survival. Thusly, to fit into Grimlands and stay alive, in-game avatars’ skills are crucial. In fact, one of the highlights of this game consists in its design of skill-upgrading system.''




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