Prime World - schedule changes for Beta Weekend 2

Monday, 27 May 2013 09:16 mmoraw
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Prime World will be an Free-to-Play Action-combat MMO Game with competitive RPG at base.

Sunday, May 26th at 7AM EST / 4AM PST  / 12PM BST Prime World team will be taking the servers down for a very short period of time while re-enable the Borderlands and Training maps. At this time the Outpost map will be unavailable. In further Beta Weekends they plan to test more game modes and will be adjusting our schedule to make it easier and more satisfying.

''  Prime World is a story of two factions, their struggle, and the neverending battle to control a new mysterious substance called Prime. The Dokht Imperium: lovers of science, masters of engineering, and the pursuit of ever expanding knowledge. And the Keepers of Adornia: nature's caretakers, keepers of mythology, and the freedom of creativity and emotion.
Prime World is a competitive RPG at heart, and always has been. We've accomplished this by creating a game that thrives on diversified action RPG gameplay, both cooperatively and solo. Whether you are part of a five person squad using cunning and teamwork to dominate a Borderlands map or carefully making your way alone through our forthcoming PvE missions, Prime World will test the skills of all players and offer interesting choices about how to progress.
Making Prime World a Free-to-Play title not only made sense, but it really does create a community of players that are really passionate about the game they are playing. Not only will there be more players to play with, but players are free to choose how and when they want to play. We've crafted Prime World with the very strict idea that it will never be Pay-to-Win, a fear that many gamers have about Free-to-Play titles. Players are able to experience all aspects of the game, earn all of the talents, and reach the end-game without ever having to spend a dime. ''


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