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Anime Pirates
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Anime Pirates is an anime-styled Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG, MMO, RPG), with turn-based tactical battles into a casual experience, free to play on web browser, adaptation from the Pirates Manga, which the Pirates seek the legendary treasure.

In this game, the player take role of a young pirate who seek fame and glory, and he is determined to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. The adventure is conducted around the sea, and the marine storyline is about the pirates. The player has to choose from 6 characters: Summoner, Archer, Sword Women, Warrior, Magician, Gunner, each one with their own unique abilities and characteristics.

The story: " The World Governments along with the Marine (Navy) had to fight hard to control the pirates actions around the world. The circulating rumors said that there was a pirate who has the information about an ancient weapon that can destroy the world. And now the battle is begun, the Marine attacking the pirates, the captain fought bravely in battle with the Marine and managed to escape from their siege. After things calmed down, they anchored in a small village, Windmill. The pirate vice-captain finally appointed you to be the new captain and lead the pirate crew. And the adventure begind ... "

Anime Pirates has a Turn Based Battle System, and the player must use the appropriate strategy to won the battles, there are 8 battle formation type that can be choosen. The player can attack an enemy repeatedly by doing the Continuous Attack, in PVP Arena System as a candidate for the future pirate king he can test his own strength with other pirates, and in the Treasure Hunt system he can select the treasure map available and then start the treasure hunting.



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