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Xatrium – The Last Empire
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Xatrium – The Last Empire is a Online Browser Based Game, 3D action Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), free to play on web browser and Facebook, from Badnoob, where you can fight against other pilots or AI in realtime 3D directly in your browser.

In Xatrium - The Last Empire, the player got his own Mech fleet, which can be improved individually, by using weapons, engines, boosters, skins and PowerUps. The player will steer Mechs to win racing and battles for ranks (experience) and resources (Xatrium - used to purchase items and power-ups).

The story: " Energy was always rare, but a few centuries ago, the biggest fossil fuels were finally depleted. Since then, Mech pilots around the galaxy fight for the last sources of Xatrium. Giant Clans were founded, to fight for survival as an alliance. "

Players can follow the single-player campaign by doing the missions as they practice controls, skills, and prepare for the matches against the others. Of course, players can fight each other in fast paced matches, to earn Xatrium depending on enemy Mech’s rank and amount of damage caused.

- Possibility to choose from 3 Mechs and customize your own from a selection of 9 weapons, 16 engines, over 30 skins, power-ups, etc.
- Fighting against AI enemies or real-player opponents for resources and honor
- Can be founded clans, and then fight as a team in matches
- Special AI system to keep balanced enough combat
- A 3D world with physical effects (gravity), collisions and recoi


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