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​City of Steam
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​City of Steam is a Browser-Based Free-to-Play, Role-Playing MMO Game set in an industrial fantasy world with steampunk elements.

'' City of Steam use the term ‘industrial age fantasy’ (theme) since it isn’t as full blown steampunk as many would like. However, the game takes place in a unique environment that many steampunk gamers will adore.

Different character choices will define individual storylines and quests. Players will arrive at The Refuge in the decaying city of Nexus. As you explore the world you’ll discover more about your own family history, find a place in your new home and contribute to rebuilding (or further destroying) the city of Nexus. City of Steam has a social dynamic so players can interact with each other, form teams, battle other players or adventure alone. City of Steam use Unity Web Player, that enables you to view impressive 3D content directly in your browser and auto-updates as necessary.

Monsters can be found and battled in dungeons and for quests. Some monsters in City of Steam have special skills. The game was aiming for a turn-based combat system in the past but it turned out to be boring and annoying so, now is converted in to a real time action RPG style. The cast timers are there because this is a web-browser game and complications with client/server communication require this slower paced format.

Electrum is the virtual currency you use to purchase or upgrade items, weapons, potions, etc in shops scattered around Nexus. Electrum has some very cool fiction behind it in the game world, so it isn’t just some arbitrary “other” money that happens to co-exist alongside shillings. ''




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