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UFO Online - Fight for Earth
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UFO Online Fight for Earth is a Tactical Browser-Based Free-to-Play, Turn Based, Strategy MMO Game, where you fight against the aliens invaders.

''We come in peace" – The red flag should probably go up whenever extraterrestrial visitors use this phrase. In the tactical browser-based game UFO Online humanity has also made the mistake of trusting the aliens. A terrible mistake, as it turns out. The supposedly-peaceful aliens soon turn out to be nasty invaders looking to exploit our planet's resources. While a majority of the population still believes their lies, three factions of resistance fighters form to take up arms against the aliens. Even before the attack on the Earth by the Skum, three factions had crystallized to try to gain dominion of the world amongst one another. Now that the aliens are also making their claim for this power all three factions are fighting together against these extraterrestrial invaders. In the long run they are also trying to get rid of both of their rivals, of course.

In UFO Online, players choose a faction to join and build and expand a base that acts as a hub in the fight for freedom. This is where mercenaries are hired and trained and where technologies and weapons are researched and added to the arsenal. Then it's time to take on the aliens in turn-based tactical battles. The player commands an army of specialists, each of which has their own class-specific skill tree. Only with the right combination of targeted research and carefully planned out tactics will the player come out of battle victoriously.

Every weapon has numerous values in UFO Online that inform you as to how much damage the weapon deals and how high its chance to hit is. Another important factor is the optimal range: This shows at what range the weapon deals the most damage. Sniper rifles, for example, deal more damage over a long range, but are useless in close-quarters. By contrast, a mini-gun does the most damage at close ranges, but is not useful against enemies far away due to its large scatter. ''

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