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Bonga Online

Bonga Online

Friday, 03 May 2013 09:36 florinel33
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Bonga Online is a Facebook - based social game, village builder, simulation game, free to play on Facebook.

In this game the player take the role of the friendly island spirit in order to help the bongies to build their new home. Bonga Online tell the story of two bongies, which grew up in rival tribes, and have fallen in love with each other. They flee and found a new home on the exotic island of Bonga.

By taking the role of the friendly spirit, the player will guide the bongies by the hand - whenever you need a pineapple, a palm leaf, a stones, etc., and use the blueprints of the various buildings. But the bongies will have their own will and do not always immediately do what you want. You will have to build, gather resources to new buildings, to feed your bongies or to plant palm trees.

Bonga Online has a nice graphics, is a solid village builder simulation, and provide an interesting gameplay experience.



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