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Firearm Era - Ministry of War
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Firearm Era : Ministry of War is a Browser-Based Free-to-Play, Real Time Strategy (RTS) MOO Game.

Firearm Era - ''Ministry of War is a realtime strategy game in which you build an almighty empire in the ancient world. By growing an epic army in your empire and overthrowing your opponents, you get closer to the ultimate destination of world domination. At Ministry of War, you must choose an ancient faction to represent, be it the Romans, the Persians, the Egyptians or the Chinese. Once your nation has been decided, you embark to loyally fight to the death for them, as you re-write the history books. Only through close alliances and unity with ally armies will you be sure to succeed in winning this war.

Heroes play a large roll in Ministry of War (MoW), The dynamic and balance of the game as it is right now makes them exceedingly over powered if built right, and horribly useless if built wrong. The maximum level for a hero at this time is 100, you can see the imbalance between a white and a purple hero. It is my rule of thumb to not even bother with green or white heroes (unless they are used for an expendable task) and to only put effort into a blue hero if both the primary stats I am looking for add up to a total of 140+.

In ''Firearm Era - Ministry of War'' the heroes have 4 basic attributes, which are Power, Command, Physique and Intelligence, and each of them will determine heroes’ different abilities. Similarly the Pets also have four basic attributes. Every Pet will differ from each other according to an index named Composite Grade. It is the grade of your Pet's various qualities. The higher the grade is, the better the Pet quality is. Aptitude, Growth Rate, and Skill influence composite grade. The final grade will influence the upgrading of your Pet's Star Level.''




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nice dec. i play this game for 3 years

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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