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Navy Field 2
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Navy Field 2 is a Free to Play, Action, Historical Naval Battles, RTS (real-time strategy) MMO Game set in the World Wars Two.

''Navy Field 2 is a free online game for PC that provides true battle action in harsh fights on the sea and historical naval battles from the two World Wars! Become a captain, upgrade your ships and destroy all enemies that stand in your way. This game is designed for players who enjoy warships and harsh, realistic battles. Beginners as well as enthusiasts, who are sick of other games of this genre, will be excited.

To provide a better experience the game provides real 3D graphics and models. Now you can view your favorite battle ships from all sides. Additional graphical improvements such as an enlarged sea surface, modeled area attacks and visible projectiles convey the feeling of being in the midst of a real naval battle.

The single player mode provides players with a variety of historical battle tasks in several missions, whose objectives have to be fulfilled. Furthermore various fleet battles allow you to experience epic battles with your comrades on the open sea. Real ships and airplanes that were used during both World Wars will reappear in Navy Field 2. More than 400 intricately designed items can be found in Navy Field 2. With a single click on the battle “Bismarck VS Iowa” you can also mix epochs and countries as you wish. Also experience points and rewards received from the battles can be used to improve and customize your ship. Create your own unique ship.''



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