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Fantasy Rivals
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Fantasy Rivals is a browser based Collectible Card Game (CCG), massively multiplayer online (MMO) virtual trading card game, free to play on web browser, it comes from Boostr, the developer of the popular Urban Rivals.

Fantasy Rivals set the action in a fantasy world populated with heroes, monsters and magic. A friendly tutorial will acquaint you with the basic rules, but also offer the initial collection of cards for normal battles. Afterwards you will have to complete various quests, and compete against players from all over the world.

Three game modes are disponible, all player versus player (PvP) oriented: Training, League and Classic. To build your deck, you will need to choose between a large variety of heroes, which are divided in six different factions, each one with their own style of play and his special abilities.

To win, the player must build carefully his strategy, choose the right card with proper ability, and wisely use available Mana. Winning in this game is a mix of skill and luck, you cannot win just with bluffing, but always a good strategy needs a bit of luck.

Fantasy Rivals has good visual effects, good sound, and an immersive gameplay with strategic battles.



0 #1 Sacrificial 2015-07-04 17:56
Fantasy Rivals, despite being the successor of Urban Rivals, has failed to deliver a compelling enough game to truly come into its own. As a player who has reached diamond tier in league and collected several of the rarest Epic cards, here is my honest review of the game.

Launched in 2013, Fantasy Rivals has had every opportunity to differentiate itself from the TCG[rambling word]CCG genre. It certainly has an intriguing premise in its purported offering of psychological play. Unfortunately, the game’s declining player base, poor tournament showing, and inactive forums ultimately belie its lack of popularity. Why is this the case?

Let’s start with the game proper. The premise of psychological battle between strategic players is a false one. The game is inherently unfair and pay-to-win because certain Epic cards have tremendously overpowered abilities that are difficult to counter. It is possible to lose 3 rounds out of 4 and still win with an Epic card such as Oljaneik which can create a winning gap of 9 up to 15 with fury. Other Epics like Deelenar, Miselai, Gladia, Noeptus, Patrician are guilty of the same. Unsurprisingly, these Epics typically cost more than 300k gold on the market, which is a grind for any casual free-to-play players. For reference, each winning battle gives 5 gold. It is possible to get jewels from missions and daily league battles in order to open booster packs for the chance to get Epics, but the grind remains odious. Playing as a beginner often means losing again and again against decks that are vastly more powerful and more expensive, with little outplay potential. This is the very definition of pay-to-win.

Because of the low population base, the matchmaking system is wholly unbalanced. Beginner bronze players under level 10 can be matched against diamond or master-ranked level 50 players. As can be expected, the experience is very frustrating and discouraging. This is the norm across all three competitive modes – melee, league and tournament.

The tournament is a time-limited mode that alternates between Epic and Epicless rules. This mode is fundamentally flawed. It exacerbates all the worst aspects of the game. It allows players to form decks from the most overpowered cards across all extensions. New players do not stand a chance and should avoid this mode at all costs. The low population virtually guarantees that they will play against the same players and decks over and over. Experienced players know to “farm” this mode which has caused severe price inflation in the already unpredictable market.

The game has badly designed UI. There appears to be no desire or no manpower allocated to game infrastructure or coding. This is why there are game-breaking bugs that have existed for months, why much sought after features like guilds are nowhere on the horizon, why tournaments cannot be redesigned, and why there has been no significant change to the UI design and implementation in forever.

There is lack of communication and adherence to development schedule as promised. Deadlines for the release of information on the most recent Cinderpeaks extension have come and gone. Staff has promised mission overhaul, improved tutorials for new players, but all these and more have not materialized.

Ultimately, the game does not seem inclined to attract and retain new players. Instead, the push for the new extension rather than to address more pressing structural problems suggest a last-ditch cash grab from old players. I am not optimistic about the long-term potential of this game.

In short, keep away, far far away.

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