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Siege on Stars
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Siege on Stars is an online browser based game, Sci-Fi Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS, MMO, RTS), free to play on web browser, from JoyHubs.

In Siege on Stars the action take place among the stars, because the humanity running away from the wastelands of Earth, and in searching of a new home tries to migrate using the jumpgate technology. But, because the mankind grew, the cosmos seems to be too small for all of us, and therefore resulting four different factions, who fighting for supremacy and resouces.

The player have to choose one of four factions, and then will command his own ship in attempt to build own way. Player can sell goods between planets, fight with other ships, upgrade his ship, and will be able to build a fleet.


- Up to 5 players can fight against another 5 players in team PvP

- Gain achievements with each ship you build

- Craft or buy upgrades to your ship. Hundreds of ships, shields, lasers, and more

- Buy, trade, sell supplies across the galaxy

- Play the multiple quests given throughout the game

- Join a guild and bring your friends along for the ride"


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