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Here Be Monsters
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Here Be Monsters is a Facebook based social game, adventure Role Playing Game (RPG), with elements of building sim, free to play on Facebook, from Gamesys.

"Ever since the Starium meteors started falling, the normally peaceful monsters (well, mostly peaceful, never trust a hungry Chupacabra!) of the world have been causing havoc."

"The Ministry of Monsters was quickly formed to restore peace and get the monsters under control. Join them as a new recruit to travel the world and learn the art of monster trapping. Build ingenious traps and craft powerful baits. Along the way you'll make new friends and help a cast of quirky characters in their day to day lives.

Your Almanac is your key to success, this mystical tome is an encyclopedia of knowledge. It contains gems such as:

- where to find the elusive Yeti? (Hint: Him_la_as)

- what bait does a Palomino Unicorn prefer?

- how exactly do I disguise a chicken as a Gnome?

When it's time to relax, decorate your homestead, enjoy a bit of fishing or add to your collection of the world's most beautiful butterflies."



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