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Dessert Shop

Dessert Shop

Sunday, 07 April 2013 08:05 florinel33
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Dessert Shop is a social game, cuisine-themed simulation game, free to play on Facebook, from Shinezone.

Dessert Shop offer you the opportunity to run your own dessert shop. You must gather various ingredients like sugar, milk, eggs, wheat, walnuts, etc., and then combine these basic materials with other ingredients like chocochips and onions to create your amazing desserts.

When you raise your level and make some profit, you will gain access to new equipment like: frying station, double freezer, mold baker, cooling machine, etc. You will expand your bussines, and you will make your shop comfortable and beautiful.

Every action from farming to baking will cost Energy. There is a auto-refill but it's very slow. As to the social elements, you will be required to invite friends to play and you need friends for mutual help in free gifting.

Dessert Shop it's a classic simulator, the novelty it's the possibility to embrace a baking career.


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