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Shaiya is a fantasy MMORPG that immerses players in a massive war between the forces of Light and Darkness. The story is set in the world of...well, Unnamed we shall call it for now. There are two goddesses - the goddess of light, and the goddess of fury. They're at war with each other, and they call upon their forces of good (or evil) to wage war on the opposing goddess' forces. Gameplay in Shaiya is fairly straightforward. You have a basic interface, comprised of a mini map, your skill hot bar, your character's vital stats, and your exp bar. But an interesting twist is the Bless of Goddess bar.

As players fight in PvP, killing enemies of the opposing team and capturing "Ides", they gain Bless for their realm. As the Bless bar fills, the entire realm, on any map of that realm, is bestowed extra temporary stats, such as boosted strength, less EXP lost when killed, and critical hit rate is increased. When this bar fills, the realm is bestowed with double the number and rates of the normal boosts, and critical hit rates rise off the charts. It's a great mechanic that can really ease the grinding.

Shaiya should provide an enjoyable MMORPG experience to fans of the genre, but won’t be attracting many newcomers to the scene.


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