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Project Tank
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Project Tank is a Browser-Based Free to Play, Tank Action, Third Person Shooter MMO Game developed by Changyou based on independent research and development.

''With the amazing browser-based 3D engine, Project Tank reconstructed the real conflicts in armored warfare back in 20th century. Play with your battle mates from all over the world and build your own tank legend.

All tank data of Project Tank are taken from existed and existing real tanks to reconstruct the war history. Their performance and specialty are for you to explore in the game.Project Tank features about 60 vehicles including D series and S series. As planned, when other series of tanks are added in the game, the total number will over 200 in the near future.

Tanks in the game are modeled on real tanks completely. It is easy to get start and don't take much time to learn how to control. The main difficulty lies in the tactical skills and how to cooperate with teammates. The development trees are the way the player upgrades the accessories of tank, thus obtain more powerful tanks. The tanks of very country have its particular development tree, the light tank, medium tank, heavy tank and anti-tank destroyer, too. Player would possess the desirable tank if developed according to the development tree.''




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