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The Aurora World
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The Aurora World is a Free to Play, Role-Playing MMO Game.

The Aurora World - ''The Story: Long ago, a brutal clash between the Gods in Heaven took place, a war of immense magnitude that brought on a catastrophic end to existence. Centuries passed and life has found a way, a beautiful world forged from ruins where land, oceans and sky emerged from the epic battle of past. Born were three powerful nations: Eos, Helios and Selene. Countries divided by their own beliefs, fighting the evils that lay within their borders, while at the cut-throats with one another. Amidst the animosity, a greater evil is growing!

Band together with one of the three great nations, learn the culture, master a profession and grow in battle prowess. Evil is arising and threatening the things most cherished to life! Unless stopped, it will mean the end of the Aurora World!''

''Unique anomalies of The Aurora World, majinns come in many forms. If you're lucky enough to obtain one, they will be your guardian throughout your travels. As your character grows, so does your Majinn; acquiring skills that will assist you in battle. When out of conflicts, you can use your majinn as a mount to traverse the world quicker.

The fight against evil is still going, but the war between the three nations is still present. There are several ways to show off your true fighting skills and hard work against players from other nations.

Contested Areas - Once you reach level 30, you will be exploring new areas where players from the other nations will be questing. Beware of these players, because given the opportunity they may be willing to shed your blood!

Nation War - Work with your allies to capture statues! The more statues secured, the more points you and your team will earn. The nation with the most points at the end of the game will be crowned winners.

PK Arena - Annoyed with a player from your nation? Challenge him/her to a legal duel where the winner gets all the bragging rights without the worries of being punished.''




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