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Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes

Sunday, 31 March 2013 10:25 mmoraw
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Arena of Heroes is a cross-platform, Free to Play, MOBA Turn-Based Tactics Game.

''The Arena of Heroes is where the battle for the Galaxy takes place. Two sides of up to 2 players (Guardians) select heroes and do everything they can to destroy the enemy base. Each team consists of 4 heroes. Specific battles in the Arena take place on their own towers, but each tower is built the same. There are three “lanes,” or pathways between the two bases. In each lane there is a tower that must be defended or destroyed. Each base spawns minions – robotic fighters who attack enemies automatically.

A Hero is a unit that Guardians control in the Arena. Heroes are unique in appearance, abilities, and style. Guardians who learn to combine and command heroes from all over the Galaxy will be the most successful. Victory is achieved when the enemy’s Power Core is destroyed. After every game you are awarded experience and currency you can use to purchase items in the in-game store.

The Galaxy needs its best and brightest to defend the Eye, protect the mysterious power, and win fame, fortune, and influence among the highest echelons of Galactic power. The Council has summoned you to become a Guardian of the Arena. Will you answer the call?''




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