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Moonlight - Online
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Moonlight Online is a Free to Play, Adventure Role-Playing MMO Game.

''The world of Ansgarde is in peril. Dark forces are conspiring to overthrow the three great races. Play as a Human, Werewolf, or Vampire and fight to protect your world from the forces of evil. Amazing 3D graphics fill this game from the towering city of Traster to the great wolf tribes of Wolfsburg Bastion. Are you brave enough to face the challenges in Moonlight Online?

Slay ancient and mythical creatures in stunning graphics! - Host a steamy hot tub parties in your own private orchard! - Hold of the monstrous hordes in exciting tower defense features.

Three Great Races - With different backgrounds and terrains, each race has its own distinct traits and unique strengths.

Gripping Quests & Moving Tales - The tales of Moonlight Online will bring them through a journey of discovery, investigation, mediation and finally revelation.

Soul Equipment System - Every weapon has a soul that can be awakened by the Soul Cleric.

Great Gifts Galore - Everyone who logs into the game will receive goodie bags filled with treasures!''




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