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Friday, 29 March 2013 13:01 mmoraw
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Merc Elite will be a Browser-Based Free to Play, MOBA (massively online battle arena) military Game.

''In Merc Elite you are forced to rely on both courage and cunning to succeed at this tactical MOBA military game. Merc Elite meshes modern warfare with team combat to create an online co-op game experience that is unlike any other. As an ex-military mercenary your orders are to engage in team combat against a group of enemies determined to destroy you and your troops in this near-future based military game.

The modern warfare team combat game Merc Elite offers 5 character classes to choose from to help you successfully fulfill your mission: the Juggernaut class uses stout armor to engage in close combat, while deploying high-tech shields to protect teammates from enemy fire; the Assault class relies on a plethora of high-powered weaponry to inflict heavy damage; the Recon class utilizes stealth and smarts to get in close to deliver the decisive blow; the Heavy Gunner set up massive weapons from a distance to help the team with a barrage of cover fire and mete out damage to the opposition from afar; while the Tactician coordinates everything by tracking enemy movements, implementing high-tech weaponry or calling in airstrikes to help dispatch the fiercest of foes.
Merc Elite is a MOBA military game set in the near-future at a time when resources are scarce, desperation is palpable and mega-conglomerates are in control.''


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