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Need For Speed World
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Need for Speed World is a open world arcade car racing MMO game with a great sense of speed featuring licensed cars and parts.

There are two types of activity available in the huge city: races and pursuits. Completing them earns money and reputation, which unlocks new cars and courses. Single use power-ups are also randomly dropped at the end of each event. Racers gain special abilities such as nitro boost and traffic magnet – an assassination move causing traffic to swerve into the path of the race leader.

It’s accessible, fast and addictive for a while, but the lack of handling subtlety robs its races of replay value. It was never going to be a purist’s simulation, but the perfect racing line always takes second place to raw speed and gratuitous power-up usage, which means there’s little incentive to master the courses and the outcome is often decided by luck.




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