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Red Stone
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Red Stone is a Free to Play, Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game.

''In Red Stone, adventurers can control any of eight distinct character classes. Each class can transform into a completely different form to take on varied challenges, which gives players extra versatility. It's almost like playing two complete character classes! From the Tamer to the Werewolf to the Little Witch, the array of skills and abilities available to players is vast.

When a character reaches a new level of experience, ability points are awarded and can be assigned to increase the character's statistics. Most professions get 4 ability points per level except for necromancers, who receive 5. This increase every level allows for a powerful level of customization to characters in Red Stone.

One of the best features of Red Stone is that the system requirements are modest compared to most MMORPGs. The game will be able to run on most systems purchased within the last five years.''



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