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Age of Wushu
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Age of Wushu is a Free to Play, Epic Role-Playing MMO Game based on early Ming Dynasty China.

''Age of Wushu is based on early Ming Dynasty China, a time when the central plains were relatively stable. It was during this period the Jianghu martial arts were allowed to flourish, and the great schools were formed and began recruiting members. This precipitated great change across the land.

Age of Wushu offers players a variety of skills and weapons to combine in action based combat, players are not confined to typical classes of levels with Internal Skills that affect basic abilites and stats. Combat in Age of Wushu is based on the strict logic of real-world martial arts, and has been compared to the classic game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors." Moves types are divided into Overt Attacks (Rock), Feints (Scissors), and Parries (Paper).

The Overts or “Rock” of AoW's combat system are straight attacks, plain and simple. These are stronger than the other attacks because they have one purpose, damage. Whether a “basic attack” with your weapon/fists, or a special skill to dish out that extra damage and knockback, overt moves are the foundation of combat. The “Paper” that covers that rock are parry moves. You can parry a player normally without any fluff or substance, which only minimizes the damage done to you and that is all. The more practiced martial artists will be able to deal more damage than a simple parry could handle. Feints cut through parries, leaving your opponent stunned, possibly weakened, and ready for a devastating follow-up attack of overts. Unless, of course, they attack you with their rock first. Feints are lighter attacks that are intended to break open defenses with a sudden move and are not advised to go toe to toe with the stronger, more direct overts.

When fighting you build up little bits of Anger to activate a powerful attack back on a foe or foes. When you collect a pool of anger, a fireball will appear. These fire balls can be obtained faster depending on multiple scenarios. When you have sufficient anger built up, the Rage skill will become available and alert you with a glow that it is ready to be unleashed. When it is activated, enjoy the show. Beware though, a player can still parry these attacks and their extreme damage.

Some skills are even better suited for aerial combat. With these exaggerated martial arts, players have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speeds. They are able to perform gravity defying moves such as gliding across water, running straight up walls, hold themselves aloft while exchanging blows, etc. Study up and learn when to properly use an attack, see if they have ranged effects to keep distances, and test the effects of your parries should you ever find yourself on the receiving end of these during battle.''


0 #1 Jannie 2015-10-28 01:21
Very energetic blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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