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Gladiators is a multi platform, Free to Play, Role-Playing, gladiators school MMO Game, based in ancient Rome.

Gladiators -"It is the year 100 AD – it is the time of prosperity in ancient Rome. The emperor's campaigns provide the capital with an endless flow of resources and slaves. The wealthy citizens of Rome can dedicate themselves to fine arts, philosophy and politics. The by far most popular kind of entertainment, though, takes place in Rome's enormous arenas: Up to hundreds of thousands of people attend the chariot races and gladiator fights, which the emperor holds regularly, true to the motto "Bread and games are to be given to the people!".

Players establish and staff a gladiator school, then send powerful warriors to battle other players' gladiators to win prestigious tournaments. A successful gladiator can procure his employer a huge fortune, glory and after all enormous political power. So – what seems more likely for a young adventurer than to found his own school of gladiators? In Nekki's browser game "Gladiators" the player is supposed to do this! Endowed with a moderate starting credit, he founds a school of brave fighters. With the help of some hand-picked trainers he looks after the proper education of his men. Bit by bit he can aggregate more experience, influence and money. Of course, in doing so, the player is not alone in ancient Rome: Thousands of other players pursue the same goal in the free MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game)''



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