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Inferno is a Facebook based social game, role-playing game - RPG, free to play on Facebook, from Playflock.

Inferno has same recipe like others releases (Insanity and Day X) coming from Playflock. But, despite of similarity, we may say this is a new game in its own way.

Action takes place in a fantasy world, wherein the player will be able to wander through the towns and forests, to fight with the minions of darkness and attack bosses with your friends. Of course you have the possibility to collect varoius artifacts around the world, completing tasks and get rewards.

The fights are turn-based, and runs in a very simple way, you just need to click on the opponent to hit him until one of you will remain without life, and of course to use several bosts to gain an advantage in battle.

Inferno has their own charm, no doubt, but to reach the top is needed much more than this.



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