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DV8: Exile
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DV8: Exile is a Facebook based social game, Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy, MMORTS - MMO RTS, free to play on Facebook, from Gamoso.

DV8: Exile lets the players to build and manage their base, raise an army of soldiers and mutants and then dominate a post-apocalyptic future world.

The game begin with a tutorial that slightly introduce the players in the game atmosphere and teach them the game basics. Various missions, also helps players to understand the elements of strategy that they need for achieve goals.

In DV8: Exile are used some resources (like: credits, lucid, munitions, power, hardware) wich are produced in specific structures. Players need to pay attention because each unit need to be recharged with power/lucid and munitions.

To succeed, the players need to use some strategy to manage their resources and forces, and win the fights against the enemies.


"- 10 vibrantly-animated playable units, including the deadly Femborg, mutated brute, and cybernetic ninja.

- Real-time player-vs-player battles. No time-outs!

- Unique strategic possibilities - introduce new units to the fight at any time!

- In DV8, the battle never stops."

Overall, DV8 Exile is an interesting Real Time Strategy, and the players will discover a nice game.



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