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Waren Story
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Waren Story is Free to Play, Role Playing MMO Game taking place in the world of Waren.

Waren Story -''This world, Waren, gave birth of many creatures which praised god and sang the beauty of Waren. It was peaceful then. However, evil darkness began to grow within the time. The four heroes and the invention of the guardians turned the tide of the war.''

Characters Introduction - ''Warriors are specialized in close combat dealing with two-handed sword. High level Warrior can deal a strong attack to dominate enemy. Unlike the beasts of the field, humans possess neither fang nor claw, and so took up the sword. The combination of a sharp blade and the weight of steel enables Warriors to land crushing blows, changing the flow of the battle with a single well-placed stroke. A good Warrior is like metal tempered in the forge: they safeguard their friends and allies and rain destruction on their foes while always maintaining a keen edge.

Brawlers are specialized in melee combat using gauntlets. High level Brawlers can deal rapid attacks to neutralize enemy. Mankind learned to fight long before the first blade was pulled from the forge, and the ancient combative arts are still practiced even today. Brawlers train to toughen their body and prefer hand-to-hand combat with gauntlets. A Brawler's fists strike so quick and sure that opponents may never get a chance to retaliate. Experienced Brawlers often take the lead in battle, pounding enemies relentlessly and igniting the team's fighting spirit.

Archers are specialized in range combat using bows. High level Archers destroy enemy before he gets near via accurate shots. Seeking greater power, humans studied the bowmanship of the Elves, and were soon downing marks from hundreds of meters away. Years of mental training has sharpened their focus, and they strike distant enemies' weak points with aplomb. Stories tell of master Archers drawing on mental powers like those of the Elves to control their arrows even after loosed from the bowstring,

but one thing is certain: once a foe is in an Archer's sights, they are marked for death.

Engineers are specialized in range combat using rifles. High level engineers can snipe enemy before he can recognize. Only engineers have skills to buff party members. Bluemoon's engineer Finen invented a weapon called a rifle which let engineers can join the battles. A rifle fires a bullet which can easily pierce a monster's hide that even a warrior's heavy sword takes time to tear.''

''Auto Hunt system - Auto Hunt can be used by clicking the icon at the bottom of the right corner on the screen. You cannot control the character while it is in the auto hunt mode, when it finishes, the character returns to the town. You need Scroll of Auto hunt to do auto hunt.''




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