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Void Rim
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Void Rim is a Free to Play, Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) MMO Game set in a futuristic universe.

''In Void Rim, you fight the good fight against real (PvP) and simulated (PvE) opponents through cunning and creativity to lead your faction to victory in a hosted, mutliplayer environment. Void Rim is truly free to play in every sense of the phrase. Just by playing the game (win or lose) will earn you in-game currency that can be used in the game store! Void Rim uses the state of the art Unreal engine to power its detailed 3D environments, characters, and amazing particle effects. It has to be seen to be believed.

Customizable Loadouts - Once you have some tech of your own, you can take your strategy to the next level by customizing your very own loadouts. Characters, structures, commands, and even research may be added to your loadouts in whatever order you see fit.

The primary goal in every match is to destroy your opponent's base while protecting your own. Players will need to use a combination of Characters, Structures, Commands, and Research to decimate their opponents forces and base. The base is the primary deployment site for new Units, and at the beginning of every round it generates 40 Curium and 40 Nanites. The planning phase is where players decide what tech they want to unlock from their loadout. Nanites is the resource needed to unlock tech and Curium is the resource required to actually deploy it to the battlefield. You need to be in your action phase to deploy any tech that was unlocked during the planning phase. Unlike other types of tech, Research only requires the player to click on the icon to activate. On every map there are Nodes that provide additional Curium if captured. To capture a node simply move a character with the Capture Node power nearby the structure and you will take control the following turn.''




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