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Light of Nova
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Light of Nova is a multi-platform game, Sci-Fi Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy, MMORTS - MMO RTS, free to play on web browser and Facebook, from Joyfort.

Light of Nova put the player in the role of commander of a space fleet, in an fictional universe, whose objective is to build an invincible space armada by completing missions and defeating enemy warships.

You can complete missions for bonus and rewards. Several missions types are available, like: Daily Quest, Ancient Battle, Daily Mission, Fashionable Product. These missions, also, will help you learn about various aspects of the game.


Light of Nova offer two categories of battles: PVP and PVE. PVP (Player VS Player) it is an interactive competition formed by players who fight against each other. There are two kinds of PVP battles, one is player VS player, another is fortress warfare. In PVE (Player VS Environment) players will fight with the NPC controlled by computer. PVE battles consist in: Ancient Battleground, Adventure and Wormhole.

In this game you have to do a lot of resource gathering for constructing and upgrading of various facilities, and researching for accessing new technologies.You can receive nova coins by producing goods in Assembly or finishing the main quests. With nova coins you can purchase equipment and ammos in Trade Port, upgrade the technologies and speed up the production, so, these are quite important.

Light of Nova is a quite complex game, and if you want to advance in level, you will have to consume a lot of time and to do repetitive actions, what could be a little frustrating.



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