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Zomber Squad
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Zomber Squad is a web-based Zombie-themed action game, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, MMORPG - MMO RPG, free to play on web browser, from Omprus Games.

Zomber Squad offers to players possibility to control up to three characters (agents) in a challenging battle against the undead. It's a bit challenging to control three heroes in same time, in the real-time battles where zombies come out randomly from any direction. But it is a good thing, because the result is an good and nonconforming gameplay, that offer the players a real opportunity to test their skills and strategic thinking.

You can recruit between a various number of heroes, each one with their own specific abilities. If you don't like no one of available heroes at the moment, you can try again later, because they will be updated every 20 minutes, and you can chose other heroes to form squad.

Zomber Squad features 12 heroes with 3 general types: Tank, Damage, and Healer.

- Tanks heroes have high health and armor, and can be used as damage soaks against enemies with high attack power

- Damage heroes can do massive damage, and are able to quickly defeat the enemy

- Healers heroes cannot attack enemies, but they help your Squad by restoring other heroes health

Players can have pets that will become members of squad and also they will help in the fight against the zombies. Pets can evolve across 4 tiers with multiple evolutionary paths, each of evolution forms produce different stats and appearances.

In Zomber Squad you can buy clothes, forge and upgrade the equipment, do the missions to gain gold and experience, purchase better gear, and construct various facilities each one with their functions.

Zomber Squad it's an interesting and provocative game, and the players will have a good surprise.





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