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Lucky Supermarket
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Lucky Supermarket is a social simulation game, free to play on Facebook, from GameBox.

In this game, player have to manage a supermarket, and try to lead his business as well as possible. He need to solve thorny problem of the stocks of goods, trying to have plenty fresh goods and many happy customers. It also matters how the goods are arranged on shelves, is a question of space management, to try to utilize at maximum available space. Player must decorate the supermarket and ensure a good service, to make customers to feel comfortable and to spend more money.

Lucky Supermarket has an energy system, for each action the players have to consume energy, and then wait to replenish this energy. Also, the customers arrive at the supermarket with bus at regular intervals, in consequence you must wait for the customers accumulation rather than for the energy replenishment.




+3 #3 dung 2015-08-14 07:29
;-) k chơi đk
thì tải lên làm cái j
+2 #2 ghut 2014-05-25 20:00
mua me pelqen kjo loje :lol:
+2 #1 mariana duran 2014-05-07 21:11
:P massss dfinooo de onda este jueee

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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