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Renaissance Heroes
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Renaissance Heroes is a Arcade, Free to Play, Arena First-Person Shooter MMO Game set in the 16th Century Renaissance and is focus on player-versus-player matches.

''Renaissance Heroes is set in renaissance times, but with a splash of fantasy and fiction added to it (e.g. the people running around smashing each other with spiked maces). The loading screens for maps usually include some lore based around the place, but often it’s just “Leonardo da Vinci used to go here!” or something else that’s basically meaningless.

While the first-person animations, like firing and swinging your melee weapon, actually look pretty nice, the cheesy “taunting” animations that people play whenever they get a kill are awful. The gameplay of Renaissance Heroes are very similar to Quake Live: fast, momentum-based movement and twitch action. It’s a big change when you compare it to other realistic military shooter. Holding a melee weapon will increase your speed greatly, making it very difficult to hit you if you just go left, right, left, right while running. Otherwise, it’s usually a pretty quick job to kill someone. Just spraying at them with your generic rifle is an easy way to get a kill, because they aren’t moving at 80 miles per hour with their melee weapon out in erratic, unpredictable directions. Whoever designed the melee weapon must be a genius to make it aerodynamic enough to triple your movement speed when you hold it…

The accuracy system that FPS games use isn’t working. What I’m talking about is the way your bullet fires towards a random position within your “crosshairs”, and your crosshairs grow larger as you shoot (sometimes), and some weapons have larger crosshairs because they’re less accurate. This system is luck-based at its core when your crosshairs are big. You either have to be within 5 yards of your enemy so your crosshairs completely encase them, or you have to get lucky enough to hit them with your random, erratic bullet paths. This means your damage-per-second with a low accuracy weapon can end up being a fraction of what it should be, just because your bullets are missing even though you’re aiming at the enemy.''

Overall Renaissance Heroes is a good and fun game if you happen to like jumping like a moron and shoot randomly, then yeah is a great game otherwise is a insult to all player who like some realistic elements in a game, the game seems made ​​specifically to provoke and insult the intelligence of the gamers.



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