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FireFall is a Free to Play, sci-fi Shooter MMO Game set in a future Earth.

''FireFall is an AAA game that is completely free to play. You can play and access all the core features of the game absolutely free. Instead of classes, Firefall features roles defined by which Battleframe players equip. Battleframes are arranged in five major roles: Assault, Engineer, Biotech, Recon and Dreadnaught. Specialized versions mean there are dozens of choices with more to come! Each character can collect and customize their Battleframe, much like collecting and modifying cars in a racing game. Firefall's open world is a simulation. Instead of a static world, the Chosen will invade the world systematically and the war effort will be propelled by a deep, player driven meta game. The Chosen themselves will be controlled by an A.I. "General" who plans attacks on important strategic areas in an effort to eliminate all players.

Keep an eye on the skies when fighting in Firefall! Firefall's open world and PvP maps are extremely vertical, with high perches, vast mountains and deep valleys to take full advantage of the jumpjets installed on every Battleframe. Engaging in combat in Firefall is a whole new experience in depth and dimension. It is vertical gameplay redefined for a vast open world.''




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