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Berserk Universe

Berserk Universe

Monday, 18 February 2013 09:51 florinel33
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Berserk Universe is a multi-platform social game, fantasy collectible card game, free to play on web browsers and Facebook, from Bytex LLC.

"Berserk Universe is a free-to-play, fantasy collectible card strategy. It is based on the popular Russian table game Berserk CCG, publishing since 2003. The predecessor of this game, the client strategy Berserk-Online, released in 2004 year in Russian, English, German, and Italian, has over 900,000 players.

This sophisticated turn-based strategy game is developed in HTML5 and is unique for this platform. Its unordinary strategic component requires high levels of attention and concentration, as well as the ability to think several moves ahead.

The game is set in the world of Laar, created by Berserk authors imagination with help of famous Russian writer Nick Perumov. You personate the powerful magician - sovereign of creatures of five elements, your faithful warriors, fighting against forces of the skilful opponents. The edge between victory and defeat is thin and depends only on your tactical and strategic skills.

200 cards, illustrated by prominent global artists, over 120 various card abilities, tournaments and duels, daily quests and clan wars - all this makes Berserk Universe versatile and fascinating game. Using of HTML5 technology allows to play the game on desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks, and also on iPad2/iPad3 tablets.

Key game features include: more than 300 unique collectible cards illustrated by prominent artists, Tournaments, Duels (PvP), Fights against mentor bots (PvE), Various quests and daily tasks, Gifts, promo actions and interesting events"



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