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Dawn of Darkness Glory Calling
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Dawn of Darkness: Glory Calling is a multiplatform game, side-scrolling turn-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG - MMO RPG, free to play on web browser and Facebook, from IGG.

Player can choose from one of three classes available: Barbarian, Hunter, and Rogue. The game start smoothly, a series of basic quests will introduce the player in an world dominated by The Shadow Devil Army, and he will have to gather a band of adventurers to explore the world of Asland and save the world from never-ending chaos.

The battles are turn-based and, unfortunately, are automatic. The only way the player can influence the outcome of the fight is to change his formation, enhance weapons, or improve his skills. Dawn of Darkness could be better, but unfortunately isn't.



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