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Atlas Raider

Atlas Raider

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 08:45 florinel33
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Atlas Raider is an adventure Role-Playing board game, RPG, treasure hunting, social game, free to play on Facebook and soon on, from CrayonPixel.

A board game means a game that involves pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules. Atlas Raider is a mixture of strategy and chance (rolling dice), and has a goal that player aims to achieve, in this case the goal is to discover the greatest hidden treasures of the world.

Atlas Raider is much more than rolling the dice and then move, is about the adventure and pleasure to discover new interesting quests and lot of fun. You will learn more about the land you're exploring, and you'll do a variety of missions like construct buildings, plant and harvest crops, and many others.

The battles aren't every time against a mighty dragon, but an enraged rabbit or a poisonous lizard can also be dangerous.

Atlas Raider has an energy system that seems to be too restrictive, but is not so strictly. You will have a few ways to gain more energy: by completing quest, by fightyng monsters, by landing on lucky square, by clicking on aftifacts and opening treasure chests, and by visiting facebook ingame friends.

The graphics are good and please the eye, and is mixed with sequences in comic-book style.

Atlas Raider is quite a good game, that offer an interesting world to explore, and a good way to spend some quality time. If you give him a chance, you will discover a hidden treasure.



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