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KingsRoad is an multi platform, Free to play, Action Role-Playing MMO Game.

''Next-generation 3D graphics bring the vast world of KingsRoad (Kings Road) to life. From castle sieges to mountaintop chases, you'll forget you're playing in a browser. Earn epic loot and display it with pride. Choose your abilities and play the way you want. As your strength and legend grow, your name will echo along the KingsRoad. KingsRoad is set in a beautiful medieval realm, casting the player as a heroic knight who must unravel a sinister and deadly plot.

Your adventures will take you from Edgewood Forest to the snowy peaks of Deveral and beyond. You’ll meet true companions, treacherous turncoats, bloodthirsty foes, and one stubborn princess. Find your courage, Knight: Uncover the truth of the Shroud and you’ll forge a legend that will endure forever in the songs of the realm.''







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