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Red Crucible 2
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Red Crucible 2 is a social game, Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMO FPS - MMOFPS), free to play on Facebook and web browser, from Rocketeer Games Studio.

Red Crucible 2 is a Unity-powered synchronous multiplayer first-person shooter in which players can participate in large-scale battles on 11 different open maps (designed for infantry, vehicle, and air combat). Players have on disposition five battling modes: Free for All, Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, Attack & Defend and Demolition.

Players have possibility to fight as an infantry unit, but have available a generous number of vehicles scattered around each map. Depends on each player what prefer to be, infantry unit, or mechanized unit.

Beeing visually impressive, very playable and having no trouble with large-scale synchronous multiplayer battles, Red Crucible 2 is an example of good Facebook game, suitable for “core” gamers.





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