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Zombie Pandemic is a Free to Play, Browser Based, survival horror Role-Playing MMO Game taking places in an post apocalyptic World.

Zombie Pandemic - ''You are a survivor in a zombie-infested city. Civilization has collapsed and you must fight the hordes of walking dead. Zombie Pandemic is a free browser-based MMORPG featuring enriched RPG elements, including missions, advanced combat, perks and an inventory with hundreds of weapons to battle the more than 175 different NPC opponents.''

The Story: '' An unidentified virus which started as a flu has mutated. Then spread as a worldwide pandemic killing millions of people. Civilization as we know it is gone and while most of the world’s population is dead, there are still survivors left who are scavenging for food and supplies in a world suddenly reduced to a hostile wilderness. Most of them have barricaded themselves in stores and apartments in the cities or have fled to the countryside.

While most military and law enforcement organizations has crumbled there is still some form of government trying to limit the pandemic trying to enforce quarantine on all major cities and systematically killing of any survivors mistaken for the living dead. Around the city safe houses and emergency camps have been established as the officials try to organize any help they can. While the survivors keep pouring in to the camps most survivors are still trapped in the city. There are several rumors of the source to the virus but nothing has been confirmed. As a player you wake up after being passed out at what appears to be your job realizing something is terribly wrong. Unfortunately you don't remember anything and even worse.... You are on the wrong side of the military quarantine.''



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