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Carnage Racing
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Carnage Racing is a racing social game, free to play on Facebook, from Jagex.

Carnage Racing offers a fast-paced racing experience. You will have a variety of vehicles, weapons, warps, boosts and other tricks to beats your competitors. This game offer a number of different racing set on a tropical island, where players can compete against AI-controlled opponents, strangers or friends in 8-way races or against their friends in an asynchronous “Time Challenge” mode.

With every race done by players, they collect experience points and in-game coins, then used for new vehicles, more powerful weapons and special features to help them to win the competition.

Carnage Racing offer an visually-impressive experience for a game on Facebook platform. He has quality and smoothly-animating 3D graphics, and is well optimized for the Web - breaks are kept to a minimum and are not delays when restarting a race.

The gameplay is alert and and will test the player racing skills. I think the fans of the racing genre will be satisfied with what put on the table this game.



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